Puppy photos, emotional courage, smiles and inspirations and a quick Community update.
Links to all all of your exclusive content here in the Divine Feminist Community.
Her Stories, Our Stories and weaving our way through this Equinox portal.
Welcome to our March Goddess - or perhaps energy - of the month
Mothers Day, Ostara, Pluto, smiles and a couple of dates for your diary!
A reminder to celebrate your successes, a journey with the Goddess in the skies and of course, this week's smiles and inspirations!
Introducing Freyja's February's Goddess of the Month
The energies of the week, my biggest reminder of the year so far, this week's smiles and inspirations, and details of our next Community Gathering!

February 2023

The power of a new perspective, quick updates, and your smiles and inspirations.
The warrior Goddess, the pause of a Pisces pause, and joys and smiles to end your week well.
Dial in details and an RSVP request from me
Why empathy beats sympathy, the need to liberate our shame and of course our smiles and inspirations!